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Cloud-based ERP Solutions from ECi

Your ERP system should position your business for growth. Learn why this is important in this free whitepaper.

Cloud-based ERP software for small to medium-sized businesses

Mark Shervey

"Integrating everything into one system makes managing the business so much easier. We're able to get just about any data we want and put it in the hands of the people who need it when they need it."

Why Choose ECi Software Solutions?

Discover the Right ERP Solution Designed Specifically for Your Business

Benefits of Cloud-based ERP

Get a fully integrated ERP system at much lower cost

Software is always current and requires no manual updates

Your system is protecteed from ransomware and other  viruses

Robust security and encrypted data housed offsite

Automatic data and system backups with recovery plans always in place

Access to information via any internet connection


Lumber & Building Materials

Hardware Stores

If you are using manual processes, multiple systems, and generic software to run your business, you are missing out on productivity and profits.

6 ways cloud-based ERP improves productivity and profits

  1. Allows real-time access to information with secure, cloud-based communication
  2. Frees you from multiple spreadsheets and programs with an all-in-one system
  3. Reduces costs and improves efficiency by streamlining processes between departments
  4. Increases productivity and eliminates costly errors associated with manual processes 
  5. Delivers the insight into revenue, customers, orders, and more than help you make the right decisions
  6. Allows you to seamlessly scale as you grow—today and into the future

Jon Balter

"ECi software runs everything in the company and we have one place to store information. We love it."

Fully integrated software that grows with your business

ERP software to manage operations end-to-end

Secure, easy-to-use software with integrated POS

For more than 30 years, ECi has helped thousands of companies compete and grow with integrated and dedicated ERP business management software, technology solutions, ecommerce, and services for independent companies.

Working with our team of dedicated professionals, we’re with you every step of the way, from implementation and beyond. We work for your success by providing:

  • Updates on new enhancements and services
  • Ongoing training and customer support
  • Educational materials and webinars to keep you up to date on industry trends
  • In-depth learning opportunities at ECi's biennial users' conference

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With a cloud-based ERP solution, prices are stretched across a commitment period, allowing for lower monthly payments. And, hardware costs, depreciation, and even security software and maintenance are lowered, if not eliminated completely.





Automatic updates

Lower cost


Automatic backup

Accessible anywhere