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ERP system from ECi designed specifically for lumberyards and building materials dealers

Industry-specific ERP for the lumber and building materials industry

Spruce has helped LBM operations improve productivity, control costs, increase profitability, and remain competitive for more than 30 years with its industry-specific ERP software.  It is a completely integrated business management ERP.

Why is Spruce ERP software the right choice for your lumber and building materials business? 

  1. Experience: Originally founded by a group of lumberyard owners, and many of the employees have real-world industry experience.

  2. Knowledge: We speak your language, understand your business challenges, and can provide real solutions. Implementing new technology is a big decision and you want to minimize disruption.

  3. Commitment: The implementation teams understand the industry and are with you every step of the way.

6 reasons why ECi's Spruce is right for you

  1. Cloud-based ERP software designed specifically for the needs of the lumber and building materials industry 

  2. Simple Microsoft® Windows® based design which makes it easy to learn and use

  3. Easy access to real-time information from anywhere in the store or out in the field

  4. Integrated general ledger  means no need to manually switch between accounting and business systems

  5. Superior document management automatically links all transactions with documents

  6. The ability to drill down into transactions to see order detail, customers, jobs, or vendors

Why choose a cloud-based ERP system from ECi?

Get a fully integrated ERP system at much lower cost

Software is always current and requires no manual updates

Your system is protecteed from ransomware and other  viruses

Robust security and encrypted data housed offsite

Automatic data and system backups with recovery plans always in place

Access to information via any internet connection

Learn why cloud-based ERP software lowers expenses and provides better data security. 
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With a cloud-based ERP solution, prices are stretched across a commitment period, allowing for lower monthly payments. And, hardware costs, depreciation, and even security software and maintenance are lowered, if not eliminated completely.


Automatic updates

Lower cost


Automatic backup

Accessible anywhere

Since Spruce is cloud-based, hosting costs are stretched across across a commitment period for lower monthly payments. And, hardware costs, depreciation, and even security software and maintenance are lowered if not eliminated completely.

Spruce cloud exclusive! POS Assured offers an offline option to process emergency front counter sales if your cloud-based system is unavailable.

For more than 30 years, Spruce has been the trusted solution to help LBM businesses compete with the big box stores.  We understand that your business provides more than just a product.; your business supports your employees, your customers, your community, and your family.

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What our customers are saying about us:

Fred Peters
Morris Build-All Centre

"Spruce was designed specifically for LBM dealers by people who really know our industry and what we need. I don't think I've ever talked to anyone at Spruce who had less than 15 years' industry experience!"

Aaron Poland
Hickory Home and Garden

"Not only do we have more time to spend on what's really important for the business, but now we can be confident that we're protected against ransomware attacks, spyware, viruses, and all the other online threats out there."

Steve Hull

"Spruce is allowing us to identify new opportunities in our business to improve inventory management, boost overall gross margin and control our expenses more effectively.”