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Digital Transformation: the Present, and the Future of Your Manufacturing Business

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Optimize for the digital world, and gain complete visibility and control of your manufacturing business. Learn why this is important in this 
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ERP software for small to mid-sized custom and mixed-mode manufacturers

ERP for Discrete Manufacturers

Manufacturers need to track components for customer orders, the right solution will help you forecast patterns in demand for optimized inventory management

ERP for Mixed-Mode Manufacturers

Manufactures need an ERP software to be flexible to accommodate the high demands of today’s customer

ERP for Made-to-Order Manufacturers

Manufactures need to be highly responsive to customers and their customized orders; the right ERP system can optimize the end-to-end process for increased margins

ERP software gives you complete visibility into your business analytics with reporting that puts you in the driver’s seat for optimizing job scheduling, production work flow, and inventory management. 

7 reasons why ECi's Manufacturing ERP is right for your business

  1. Total visibility into your business from quoting to scheduling and planning to invoicing and delivery
  2. Business insights identify operational and customer ordering trends 
  3. Reduce operational costs and scale to meet the demands of a global marketplace
  4. All-in-one "quote to cash" ERP software creates maximum efficiency 
  5. Cloud-based ERP gives you the peace of mind of knowing your data is backed-up and secure 
  6. Completely integrated software easily expands as your business grows
  7. Continuous training options available to keep users current on the software

An ERP system that fits your business, offering rich features and maximum flexibility

ERP Designed Specifically for Manufacturers

ECi Manufacturing has the ERP solution that will fit your business, giving you a single hub of information. ERP software fully integrates your business allowing you to manage the complete business from quote to cash connecting supporting departments such as human resources, purchasing, accounting, etc. for optimized processes that empower you to realize increased margins.

As your business grows your ERP should be flexible enough to grow with you whether it’s using additional functionality, purchasing additional add-on modules, or creating new dashboards for increased workforce collaboration. ECi Manufacturing offers both add-on features and third-party relationships for fully integrated solutions to expand functionality as you grow. 

Technology That Offers Complete System Integration and Scalability

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ERP Cloud Software Brings Peace of Mind

Simply put, cloud ERP keeps your business optimized in an ever-changing digital world.
Learn more about the manufacturing digital transformation.


ECi Manufacturing offers ERP solutions with a cloud-based option. Moving your data into the cloud provides many benefits to your business. And, hardware costs, depreciation, and even security software and maintenance are lowered if not eliminated completely.

Haider Nazar

"We chose ECi Manufacturing because it handles everything from shop floor control to production scheduling to order management. It’s the backbone of our company".

5 ways ECi's Manufacturing ERP scales to fit 
your business:

  1. Fully integrated third-party add-ons

  2. Custom applications to help you grow

  3. Business Process Assessment (BPA) consulting services

  4. Flexibility to enable workforce with mobile and cloud solutions

  5. Experienced implementation, consulting, and support teams ensure you get the most out of your investment


What our customers are saying about us:

Robert C. Leety

"What can I say? ECi's Manufacturing software is the ultimate management tool".

Robust security and encrypted data housed offsite


Automatic data and system backups with recovery plans always in place

Automatic backup

Access to information via any internet connection

Accessible anywhere

Your system is protecteed from ransomware and other  viruses


Software is always current and requires no manual updates

Automatic updates

Get a fully integrated ERP system at much lower cost

Lower cost