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Create a proposal in minutes

Automated proposal generator for sales reps

Less process means more sales for your reps

Shorten the sales cycle for your reps. With QuickDeal, they can create a proposal with the current state of print devices, accessories, service costs, and usage. QuickDeal will then source equipment options from your database and automatically calculate the total cost of ownership and generate a comparison between the current state and the proposed state.


Accurate contract and device data from e-automate, FMAudit, or PrintFleet

Connected data

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive interface enables sales reps to create proposals in minutes

Simplify contract management

Establish standardized pricing and contract management processes to streamline sales for every rep

Ensure your customers are getting the best devices for their unique situations while maintaining your margins

Optimize profit margins

Find out how you can create proposals in minutes, streamline your contract management, and close deals faster with QuickDeal!

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