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ERP software for small to mid-sized custom and mixed-mode manufacturers 

Fully Integrated Manufacturing ERP Empowers Your Business to Achieve More

Manufacturing is complex. An integrated, state-of-the-art ERP will help you simplify business processes to achieve greater manufacturing productivity. 

Integrated ERP makes it easy to manage your entire operation in a single solution, including third-party apps that seamlessly extend your capabilities and support growth.

Integration and Scalability 

The right ERP is flexible enough to fit the way you do business, so you can run the operation instead of it running you.

Operational Flexibility 

Full Control over Business Operations 

Automates key business processes to improve accuracy and efficiency, adding up to one powerful solution that gives you full control.

Drill-down dashboards and customized reports deliver an up-to-the-second overview of your business so you can make fact-based, timely decisions.

Business Visibility and Insight 

Simplify your complex processes and get one version of the truth throughout your organization. 
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Jerry, Cornell Welding & Fabricating Ltd 

All modules are fully integrated which makes it very simple to get accurate and valuable information for running your business."

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  • How ERP shortens cycles and helps deliver products on time and within budget 
  • What to look for in an integrated ERP system